Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wikileaks and the Illusion of Democracy

7 December 2010 and 21 Janaury 2011

What is happening to Wikileaks at the moment proves Assange's point, democracy is an illusion. So-called democracies are not democratic, as I have recognised since I was young, they are, like Renaissance Florence, oligarchic republics. That most people are not likely to recognise this rather obvious fact tells us much about human beings. It is times like these that one can clearly see how many people out there are truly committed to free speech, democracy, transparency, a "free press, "reality" and so on. Sadly the vast majority of the "citizens" of the West have no deep commitment to any of these. Take away their Captain Crunch, as was done at Notre Dame when I was there in the 1980s, on the other hand, and you may have a riot on your hands.

The powers that be at Notre Dame, in fact, did have a riot on their hand after limits were placed on how many refills of Captain Crunch one could have for breakfast. It is useful to contrast the Captain Crunch riots at Notre Dame with the limited student activism in opposition to the dismissal of "gays" from the theology faculty on campus set in motion after an inquisition by conservative elements on and off campus at around the same time.

Humans! Mostly pathetic, banal, awash in the trivial and mundane, and ethically and morally challenged. One can readily see how and why they gave us the Holocaust. I suppose that In the end one can argue that they deserve everything they get.

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