Thursday, January 20, 2011

Москва слезам не верит...Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears...But I Do...

30 November 2010, 20 January 2011, and 21 January 2011

Москва слезам не верит is hardly the first or probably the last "patriarchal" film ever made. And a patriarchal film it is. And while Moscow's patriarchalism with its real men run the household and drink lots of vodka mentality gives Москва слезам не верит at least one of its ideological contexts (patriarchalism) this does not mean that there are not enjoyable things about the prize winning Moscow Distrusts Tears (it took a prize at Cannes). Moskva is a film full of great acting and wonderful camera work and is (yes here is another of those ideological contexts, this a very Russian one) yet another of those wonderful if somewhat depressing female centric Russian tales about the long suffering Russian and Soviet female.

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