Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Vertigo Meets Bettie (Betty) Page...

12 January 2011

It is clear that Rock videos in general are one of the main sources for the "stylistic look" that dominates so much US cinema today--jump cuts, cameras that never stop, circling cameras, 10 edits per minute. So many contemporary films particular those that come out of Hollywood, like rock videos, use camera movement, cgi, and editing not to move the story along, not to contribute to the story, but simply for visual effect. So much US cinema, and I include the films of Burton and David Lynch here, is mostly technological surface and limited storytelling. Films as commercials.

Take the Faith No More video "Last Cup of Sorrow". I found this video interesting because I think it says so much about contemporary Hollywood. So many contemporary directors worked in rock videos or were influenced by them. Most rock videos, of course, Faith No More's included, are simply a succession of images, often borrowed from the world of film or art, with little narrative qualities. This seems to me to be the essence of contemporary Hollywood cinema and perhaps much contemporary Hollywood TV. In this context I suppose we should not be surprised that noted Hollywood actor Jennifer Jason Leigh shows up in "Last Cup of Sorrow".

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