Tuesday, January 18, 2011

O Canada: My Journeys Across the Great White North

23 May 2009

Alberta. Wandered all over the province. Very fond of the Rockies and Edmonton. And very fond of Alberta born Paul Gross.
BC. Wandered all over the province. BC, in my opinion, is the bestest place in North America. I sometimes think of retiring to Golden.
Manitoba. Never been there. Winnipeg is cold but is also the home of the great director Guy Madden.
Newfoundland. Never been there but love Newfie music. I love Figgy Duff. I love Figgy Duff's arrangement of Henry Martin.
Northwest Territories. Never been but want to visit.
Nunavut. Never been but want to visit.
Ontario. Ah Waterloo and Toronto. Wandered all over the province.
PEI. Never been but Green Gables is calling me...
Quebec. Been to Montreal and la Ville de Quebec.
Saskatchewan. Never been but the grain elevators are calling me.
Yukon. Never been but I would love to teach in the Yukon. Must be my love of due South. Ron goes due North? Thank you kindly.

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