Friday, January 21, 2011

Musings on Education

2 May 2010

What is so interesting about working in a mass production/consumption educational bureaucracy with its roots in the German educational system is this: students brought up in mass educational forms cannot even conceptualise that education has and can be done differently. It shows, in other words, how the way it is becomes the way it has always been and the way it always has to be.

And what do you get? You get an educational system that gets the biggest bang for the buck (mass education made cheap thanks to bureaucracies). You get an educational system that manufactures "citizens". You get an educational system that generally replicates nationalist ideologies. You get an educational system that disseminates "proper" ways of seeing the world and "proper" ways of analysising the world. And you also get, at least at the higher levels of education with their ideology of novelty, a bit of educational oedipalism. You get a bureaucratic practise, in other words, that institutionalises the notion there are new things to discover or that there are new ways through which you can look at old ways of seeing. This ideology keeps the wheel of higher academia turning for without such notions there would be no justification for giving monies (including taxpayers money) for academic "research projects".

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