Wednesday, October 3, 2012

No Bankruptcy For You...

Frankly my dear I am less interested in Donald Trump's cosmetology or his rather lame, juvenile, cliched, and arrogant cosmology than in his "wit and wisdom" on how to go bankrupt and still survive and thrive. The Man with the Golden "Hair" has done the holy trinity of bankruptcies plus one and seems to have had fun and profited from them all at least in the short terms. Of course there is a difference between Trump and me. I am just a poor lower middle class schmuck and since Trump's green dollar blooded buds at the credit card companies and the banks who loan money to college students have made it difficult to wipe the red slate clean for proles like me it may be tougher for me to do what the Donald--is this moniker an attempt to distinguish the Donald from Donald Duck? (love the alliteration)--did four times. Such, I guess, is life for plebs like me. No breaks for you you must learn responsibility say paternalist patrician prats like Trump. And no networking with powerful politicians who do the bidding of ponces like Trump and call it in the national interest. Can I get a Scottish golf course amen?

Mea culpa: I do realise that posts like this with their ad hominems really aren't intellectually kosher despite how prevalent the ad hominem rag is in face-to-face interactions and even more in online interactions (as Trump's many attacks on his critics show), but I just couldn't resist. Anyway, sorry. In my defence I don't know another approach which best metes out the golden rule to the man who seems to fancy himself a sort of Greenback hero-god, an anti-Prometheus of his own mind, and who some seem to regard as a sort of messiah of the power of pop greedy thinking.

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