Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Honesty is the Lonliest Number...

"So sit right back and you'll hear a tale...a tale of a perhaps fateful happened in that Southern land...the one with the 2000 voting misslips...the one with the 2000 voting misslips...the man who misspoke that day was a venture capitalist man...his personal assistant who wasn't with him on that fateful day was a running dog lackey Randfan...a running dog lackey Randfan...and so it was in Florida on that awful fateful day...that the skipper of the Republican ship spoke in a blue blood way...spoke in a blue blood way...he told the blue bloods assembled there that all was not yet lost...despite the fact that the 47% were lazy give me government handouts mob dross...lazy give me government handouts mob dross...when the political weather started getting rough...the Blue Blood skipper and his running dog mate thought they had perhaps the Blue Blood and his running mate claimed that his inelegant tongue had gotten crossed...claimed his inelegant tongue had gotten crossed...if not for the wickedness of the east coast liberal media establishment..."
From the "Tuneful Tale of the Political Adventures of Blue Blood Venture Capitalist and the Randfan Too"

I have to say I found it refreshing to hear and see a politician, in this case Mitt Romney, say what most of us with the powers of empirical observation have long known, politicians like Romney, himself a member of the blue blood class, regard themselves as servants of the wealthy "productive" class and, like the Ebenezer Scrooge's of the past, regard themselves as better than the "unproductive" masses who they believe are addicted to handouts and proficient at playing the victim card. Shades of the European assertion that indigenous peoples were unproductive so it was acceptable to steal their land despite the notion common among so many Europeans drugged up on Enlightenment myths that property was the holiest of holies! Of course, what these self-righteous neo-Social Darwinist members of America's blue blood class don't and probably never will get is the irony that those criticising the 47% for taking handouts, having a sense of entitlement to government funds, and for playing the victim, have their hands out as often as they can for government subsidies and handouts and play the victim card everyday by claiming that they are the victims of a socialist welfare plot that is attempting to undermine the very essence of blue blooded American entrepreneurism. Bah humbug

I quote my response to a question on the Rainmakers "Government Cheese" on Youtube: "Yup, direct distribution of government cheese was begun in 1982 when Ronnie himself was president. Apparently Reagan thought it was better to have the masses eat cheese rather than cake. Romney, on the other hand, apparently wants the lazy give me government handout mob to eat tins of dog food and cat food (shades of another era in American history when the media reported that retirees were eating dog fan and cat food because their social security was not keeping up with inflation) purchased at a store in which Bain invested."

News Alert, 5 October 2012
Romney now says that what he said about the 47% was totally wrong. So much for inelegent mispeak. Doubleplusgood

Reference David Corn, "Full Video of Private Romney Fundraiser", 18 September 2012, Mother Jones

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