Tuesday, October 9, 2012

And the winner once again is, white Western ethnocentrism.

LOL. This "top ten" list is even fruitier, not to mention more ignorant and arrogant, than any of the fruity and idiotic lists of best colleges or best college towns that unfortunately show up in print and in cyberspace periodically.

First of all, I can't imagine that those doing the survey, and I call them "surveyors advisedly since there clearly is clearly no science behind this list as far as far as I can tell and I doubt that the results of the survey are repeatable, have rated every woman in the world on the basis of a scientifically designed list of "sexy characteristics" or even done a random sampling of women in the world on the basis of a scientifically designed and universally valid list of "sexy" female characteristics.

What this "survey" really tells us is several things, several rather pathetic and disturbing things I would add. It tells us something about the ideologies and prejudices of those doing the "survey. It tells us something about the political contexts surrounding and underlying the survey. It tells us something about the economic contexts of the "surveyors". It tells us something about celebrity whoredom and its apparatuses, pr and publicity and all that, and their impact on people who compile insipid and banal lists like this one. It tells us that sex continues to sell in the world of faux news in the early part of the twenty-first century West. And, of course, it tells us something about the ethnocentrisms of those doing such surveys.

As a result of this good old ethnocentrism this survey is a throwback to the social darwinist and white man's burden days of the "good" old modern West. It is a throwback to those days when White Westerners thought they had a god given right to categorise the world in their own image, put themselves at the top of every category by which they categorised the world, and remake the world they had categorised in their own image and for their own economic and political benefit. But I forget, this ethnocentric social darwinism never left us in the first place as this "survey" once again clearly shows, did it? Colour me once again disturbed by the sick idiocies that humans continue to engage in again and again.

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