Saturday, September 1, 2012

Conservatives Are Doing it For Themselves...Not...

I woke up this morning thinking that we should indeed shrink the federal government. So here's my solution. Let's get rid of all those middle class federal government handouts. We'll keep wealthfare and aid to the poor. Let's cut farm subsidies. Let's get rid of middle class tax loopholes like those for middle class homeowners. Let's get rid of FEMA for the middle class. Let's get rid of federal student aid for the middle class. Let's raise the price of gas/petrol for the middle class to $8 dollars a gallon, hey after all we need to take into account the environmental and health damages petrol and its various and sundry uses cause. Let's get rid of social security for the middle class. Lets get rid of medicare and medicaid for the middle class. Let's make the middle class pay tolls for driving on federal roads. Let's add a $200 dollar tax to those in the middle class who enter federal parks. Let's double federal tax interest and penalties on the middle class. Come on you middle class anti-federalists stop putting your hands out for money from the feds and just say NO. You too can build your own DIY.

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