Tuesday, April 29, 2014

To Label or Not to Label: GMO's and Corporate Doublespeak...

I heard a fascinating report on Democracy Now this morning. The report mentioned that some oppose the campaign to label genetically modified organisms because those in favour of this are using fear in places like Vermont to frighten consumers into supporting their cause. What I, and full disclosure I am in favour of labelling gmo's, find fascinating about this claim that anti-gmo organisations are engaging in scare tactics to win people to their cause is that I suspect the same people who argue that humans are rational economic calculators are simultaneously undermining this contention--a quite non-empirical and ahistorical one I might mention--by claiming they don't want to label gmo's because of fear among consumers. So do they now believe humans aren't fully or aren't completely rational animals? Or have they always believed this covertly since they use advertisements to manipulate "consumers" via emotions to buy their products? Is that a strong hint of doublespeak I smell in the ideological air?

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