Tuesday, April 30, 2013

You Have Got to Stand for Civil Rights for All or You Stand for Civil Rights for None...

I like listening to sports radio sometimes. It is one of the few places in the United States where you can hear, at least on occasion, debates over those things that are at the heart of human life, human culture, human society, and human history--economics, politics, culture, demographics, and geography--in a sometimes intelligent and generally rational and reasonable way.

All of this is prologue to the fact that I listened to the Dan Patrick show on the way home. And the topic of discussion not surprisingly was Jason Collins coming out as gay just a week or so after Brittney Griner did. What was dispiriting about the discussion of Collins coming out on the Dan Patrick Show today was the ideologically driven rhetoric of some of DP's callers. One caller thanked Dan for taking his Christian view call as if the question of gay and lesbian rights was anything other than a civil rights and human rights issue. Another caller bemoaned the fact that gays and lesbians would be sharing locker rooms with men and women who they were attracted to as if gays and lesbians, like the Blacks of Jim Crow America, are uniquely unable to control themselves, something Jason Collins, who has played for over ten years in the NBA already, has shown is utter nonsense. Welcome back my friends to the "racist" mental stone age of yore. I hope someday we really do get out of this imbecilic mental muck.

One more thing before I go: wasn't it interesting that Griner's coming out of the closet did not lead to the media circus Collins admission that he was gay did? Significant? Sad? Tragic? Disturbing? Hypocritical? Double Standards? Suggestive?

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