Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bush is Better Than Obama, or the Idiotification of America

So a bunch of dead heads are engaging in their most recent ponzi scheme. They are passing a picture around on facebook which asks facebookers to like a photo if they think that Bush the younger, Bush the second, was a better president than Obama. Well, Obama may not be perfect. And historically speaking he will probably not be a particularly significant president, the only true measure of presidential significance. His health care plan is probably his only truly significant accomplishment as I type.

Obama's lack of significant achievements, by the way, is not entirely of his own doing. There is no doubt that the Republicans in Congress have done virtually everything in the power to block anything Obama might want to do and thanks to the filibuster in the Senate and their control of the House of Representatives since 2010, a control of the House made possible, in part, thanks to Republican ability to gerimander House districts in the states, they have been largely able to do just this. Obama, of course, aided and abetted the Republicans in their just stragegy of just say no by trying to be the nonpartisan president.

But compare Obama's accomplishments to Bush's. Bush, he who gave us two dismal wars that will not end well and which were not paid for. Bush, he who gave us a government prescription plan for seniors not paid for and which did nothing to lower prescription costs and which was passed simply for cynical political reasons to try to get more of Florida's seniors to vote for him in 2004. Bush, he who presided over and helped give us the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression. Bush, he who gave us tax cuts which made all of the above worse.

The moral of this tale: anyone who thinks that Bush is a "better" president than Obama are ideologues and demagogues, have been taking too many drugs (opiates of the masses) and that has had a negative impact on their ability to think rationally and coherently, or they are a bunch of bah bahing dittohead driven by emotion made idiots in the first place. Better to judge both Bush and Obama rationally, on the basis of their accomplishments or lack thereof, in other words. And by that standard Bush will likely be regarded as more significant or important than Obama by posterity, not for his positive accomplishments, but for the negative things he did or the negative things that happened on his watch and over which he did have some control.

I talked about the idoitification of America in the title of this brief blog post but I don't really mean it. I think that stupidity has pretty much been at the same levels it is today since demagoguery and demagogues triumphed and became the dominant force in American society with the rise of mass propaganda and its various bread and circuses arms, advertising, television, and the Web amongst them. And I don't think this idiocy is going to delcine in the near future despite the utopian dreams of intellectuals and academics that education will provide a means of intellectual liberation for the masses. Welcome to a world where utopian pipe dreams are dead. Welcome to the dismal brave not so new world of emotionally driven mass idiocy.

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