Monday, April 23, 2012

Sexual and Aristocratic Dreaming

"I've had woman come up to me in the street asking me, "What's that delicious fragrance you have on?"
Jack Charles, President, The Royal Lifestyle
- "This will do it!" -
from the webpage of The Royal Lifestyle

I didn't know what to make of this Royal Lifestyle advertisment or promo the first time I saw it. Is it a wry postmodernist commentary on what underlies most promos on our media, using sex and the dream of the aristocratic life to sell product? Or is it meant to be taken seriously? In a way it doesn't matter whether this Royal Life promo is real or parodic because it foregrounds what most adverts are not honest enough to foreground, namely, that they try to manipulate us into buying product by playing on our fantasies of the good life and our sexual fantasies. In this respect this "commercial" is perhaps the most honest advert I have seen in years.

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