Thursday, April 19, 2012

More Snarky Ron...

In response to Romney's claim that he is the victim of a vast left wing conspiracy: "LOL. Romney is Hillary in reverse. Anyone else want to hear the Hollies King Midas in reverse?"

In response to ABC's inability to title "The B in Apartment 23" "The Bitch in Apartment 23" and "GCB" "Good Christian Bitches": What is it with ABC and bitch, bitches? I mean they have two shows with bitch, bitches in the title but they can't bring themselves to publicly utter the words? One would think that we would have moved beyond the fear of uttering the b word by now. But apparently not. Has the b word and its variants become the new Y or J word for the guardians of public morality?"

In response to comments about the Breivik trial by commentators on Yahoo: "You have to feel a bit of sympathy for those humans who simply can't understand how culture, in Breivik's case the culture of right wing Islamophobia, White Supremacy, and Christianity, creates reality for him and others like him. I suspect that behind the attempt by many to turn Breivik and other right wing mass murderers like Hitler (who was the product of Christian and scientific racist culture) into psychopaths is that Breivik's ideology hits way too close to the bone. Clearly there are similarities between the ideology Breivik mouths and the ideology, rhetoric, and demagogeury of American Islamophobes and British hypernationalists and what comes out of the mouth of many a right wing dixiefied Republican.

Interestingly, while right wingers blame communism and socialism for every "evil" under the sun they fail to use the same methodological logic to explore the mote in their own ideological eyes of the past including the mass murder of leftists at the end of World War I, the mass imprisonment of leftists by Hitler, the deportation of leftists during the Wilson administration in the US, the mass murder of leftists in Indonesia, and Breivik's mass murder of leftists recently."

In response to a report on Yahoo that T-Mobile is sexing up the T-Mobile Woman: "If they were smart they'd have her talking on her phone while cooking in the buff. Sex, as we all know, sells, and it can apparently even sell drek like "The B in Apartment 23".

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