Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Da Doo Doo Doo, Da Da Da Da: Music and Profit at Ye Olde "Coop"

There are rumours circulating through Honest Weight Food Corporation that the new general manager is going to pipe music, or more accurately muzak, through the store. The reason? Studies suggest that music increases profits by a whopping 2%.

Now that the general manager is apparently talking about bringing what will likely be middle of the road music to the store it is worth remembering that since the opening of the new store in 2013 there have been at least two attempts to pipe music through the store. Each time it was found problematic. Why? Well firstly there is the very poor quality of the store's sound system, a sound system that is right up there in quality with the tin can kiddie walkie talkies of yore. Secondly, there is the acoustics at the front of the store, acoustics which make it possible for cashiers to hear virtually everything emanating from the cash registers around them to the sounds emanating from the cafe. The addition of music to this already multilayered and confusing mix of noise made it even more difficult for cashiers to hear what customers were saying to cashiers and what cashiers were saying to customers.

Is Honest Weight about to experience round three in the music saga of the store? Only time will tell.

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