Sunday, November 22, 2015

It's the Time of the Season...

Two or three years ago I suggested to members of the Leadership Team at the Corpop at one of the staff meetings that I used to attend that if they wanted to diminish the increasing divide between management and labour at the new corpop store that they consider doing member work on the floor for three hours a month. I was told by a member of the LT that they simply didn't have the time to work three hours a month on the corpop floor.

So imagine my surprise today, 22 November, when I saw the same member of the LT who said she didn't have the time to work on the floor working on the floor at the cash registers. Do the LT now have the time to work on the floor or are they simply feeling the heat from the reaction to their regime of secrecy and corporatisation? Regardless of the reason or reasons I am sure it does present a good image of the LT to the broader public, including the broader member public, and I must admit it really is nice to see a member of the LT actually doing member labour work.

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