Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Life in the Pissant Swamp: The Customer is Always Right

It is due date time again at the college. This semester I have instituted something I have attempted to implement before but just haven't had the cojones to do: a no late papers will be accepted rule.

Students have known when assignments are due since late September so I don't feel any guilt for this no late papers policy whatsoever. However, as is always the case when assignments are due, I have several students who are asking for an exemption from my no late papers policy. One student wants exemption because when he got home on the date the assignment was due he discovered that the family computer would not work. Another wants exemption because he was driving a car to Florida and did not have access to WiFi along the way. Both cases beg the question of why each student simply didn't copy and paste their assignments on to Blackboard before they left for home or spring vacation.

Ah, there's nothing like a due date for papers in the piss ant swamp.

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