Sunday, November 9, 2014

Even Idiots? Respect and Intellectual Talk...

I love the British comedy/drama Outnumbered a lot. In one scene in the show, part of which is improvised, young daughter Ramona, when her parents in culturally correct fashion say all views should be respected, asks them even the views of idiots? The answer, of course, to Ramona's question is no. From the mouth of babes...

The climate deniers, who are a very small minority in the scientific community, are like the automobile companies and cigarette companies of the past. Automobile companies said putting seat belts in cars would be expensive and not really effective. Cigarette company bureaucrats and their paid shills claimed cigarettes hadn't been proved to be harmful to the smokers or second hand smokers heath. Of course, both knew what they were saying was patented bullshit or gobshite.

Many who deny climate change aren't making an educated empirical analysis of the data. Most are simply parroting the crap they hear from right wing demagogues in the media or in person. When one looks at the data it is clear the planet has warmed significantly since the industrial revolutions. Temperatures have regularly increased. Glaciers have retreated. Ice is melting in the North. Islands are disappearing bit by bit. When one looks at the data it is clear humans have contributed to climate change by their actions--things related to industrial revolutions and capitalism--to this state of affairs. Anyone who denies this reality is blind, ignorant, or has an ideological reason to do so. No one has to respect the idiocies that come out of the mouths of these morons anymore than one has to respect the views of misogynists, bullies, or flat earthers.

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