Saturday, May 24, 2014

Amazon, thy stupidity is legend... and its children everywhere across the globe have many flaws. Of these a number are avoidable. One of Amazon's most avoidable sins is the penchant of its demithinking heads for reposting reviews for earlier releases of DVD's and CD's on the pages of recent releases of DVD's and CD's. This idiotic policy with its assumption that all DVD and CD releases are alike is once again on the prowl on Recently the BFI released a new edition of Scottish director Bill Forsyth's wonderful film That Sinking Feeling. The new release, unlike the previous BBC/2Entertain release contains both the original Scottish soundtrack and the English redub. So viewers can watch the film in the original Scottish or in the redubbed English. Unfortunately, given Amazon's just plain stupid policy of copying and pasting customer reviews of previous releases on new releases this pertinent fact can get lost in the confusion Amazon's bizarre policy creates. Why o why is the world full of such idiots and such idiotic policies?

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