Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Life in a Mass Consumer World...

Walmart, the company that drove wages down and in the process helped destroy American companies and American wage levels. Walmart, the company that made money by driving prices and wages down and enriched its owners. Walmart, the company which doesn't enrich its workers and whose workers often end up on the public welfare roles because they don't get a living wage. Walmart, the company whose workers often end up on medicaid because they don't earn enough to get decent health insurance from their employer. Walmart the company subsidised by American taxpayers who whinge about welfare all the while benefiting from it. Walmart, the company that uses "illegal" labour because it just loves low wage labour. Walmart, the company that played a leading role in moving American jobs to China and enriching the Chinese economy in the process. Walmart, the company that looks the other way while workers are put in danger in places like Bangladesh thanks to a lack of regulation, something companies like Walmart like, of course. Walmart, the company that once touted its we sell American which now rarely sells American. Walmart, the epitome of wealthfare, limited globalisation to increase corporate profits (why not free movement of labour?), and bah humbugism, yes you gotta "like" em, particularly since the popularity of Walmart seems to prove that Americans prefer cheap mass produced goods (the god of mass consumption) even to American nationalism (the god of ethnocentrism).

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