Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Quick Reviews: H20: Just Add Water, Flatiron Film

I haven't watched H2O: Just Add Water yet but I am told H2O, which ran for three series on Ten (and on Nikelodeon in the US) is an Australian show about three young Gold Coast women who find themselves trapped on an island and find themselves turned into mermaids with magical powers (a genre trope if there ever was one) while trapped on the island. This bildungsroman follows the trials and travails of Rikki Chadwick (Cariba Heine), Emma Gilbert (Claire Holt, who left in series two to be replaced by Indiana Evans as "Bella" Hartley) and Cleo Sertori (Phoebe Tonkin) as they deal with how the transformation from young women to mermaids affects their daily lives.

The show: I haven't watched the Flatiron H2O DVD yet so can't really comment on the transfer or the show itself. It was a why not purchase when the series was on sale. I want to see what this Aussie show is like since I have an interest in non-US TV.

The packaging: Mediocre at best. The set arrived with each and every one of the six discs on the left side of each of the four disc season keepcases off of their spindles. On the plus side a cursory glance suggests that no damage was done to the discs, a rare occurrence. I will look more closely in the future to see if this is the case. As for the slip case that the three DVD's slip into, good.

Summary. If you don't care about potentially bad discs take your chance...

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