Tuesday, January 15, 2013

If it's British it Must Be the BBC...

In the did he really just say that category, I just love it when someone posts a statement with a howler of a mistake on the World Wide Web. In the replies that follow an article written by Willa Paskin about on an episode of Downton Abbey, "Downton Abbey Recap: The Lady Edith Problem" one Mr. Operation Enduring Boredom, claims that Paskin must have seen the episode months before "via a cable connection that has BBC". The problem with this statement is that Downton Abbey, as Boredom could easily have found out if he had simply let his fingers do some typing on Google is that Downton Abbey is on ITV, one of Britain's commercial networks, not the BBC, the British non-commercial public network. What is enduringly boring here is the cliche which attributes everything British and television to the BBC. Mr. Boredom sadly is not the only person to make this silly and totally unnecessary mistake. And that is a sad commentary on our times.

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