Thursday, December 27, 2012

Capusule Film Reviews: The Ex

In The Ex (2006, MGM, 2929 Productions, the Weinstein Company, Director, Jesse Peretz, Writers, David Guion and Michael Handelman) husband (Zach Braff) who generally speaks his mind, loses, thanks to it, yet another job and moves him, his wife (Amanda Peet), and his newborn child to Ohio where wife's ad man father (Charles Grodin) gets husband a job at the Sunburst Ad Agency. There he is taken under the wing of a man in a wheelchair (Jason Bateman) who happens to be the ex of the title and who connives to take back husband's wife. Love survives when husband once again speaks his mind, reminds wife why she fell in love with him, saves the day, and tricks the man in a wheelchair who cares more about a high flying ad man job in Barcelona than wife. There may be something important that this film wants to say about political correctness, new age lameness, and getting ahead--I don't know--because I was too distracted by anything else I could think to care while watching this omnishambles of a film to care. A terrible waste of Charles Grodin's talent. One star. Note to future self: you should know by now that any film with three alternative endings bodes ill.

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