Saturday, June 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Title IX...

Happy anniversary Title IX. You certainly aren't perfect but you have brought greater gender equity in college sports even if you have also brought an online sports business, Title Nine, with its trendy if ultimately empty, meaningless, and banal Virginia Slims like advertising slogans in your wake as well.

I keep waiting for the looney right to tell us how socialist and fascist you are, that the Republican who signed you into law was a flaming socialist and fascist too, and urge that Congress eliminate you because you limit human freedom. I keep waiting for these folks to tell us how the interstate highway system and Army Corps of Engineer projects like the reservoirs in the West are socialist and fascist as well and how, despite facts to the contrary, they created absolutely no jobs whatsoever.

You know, if they really believed their own rhetoric then perhaps these watchdogs of creeping socialism and fascism should pay back the cost of all the interstates and reservoirs to the government, i.e., taxpayers like my parents and grandparents and great grandparents who helped fund these projects, and turn the interstates, the reservoirs, the national parks, you name it, over to the Koch Brothers free of charge. Hey if a private for profit health care system is more expensive and less accessible than universal health care systems why can't for profit highways, for profit drinking and irrigation water in a dry region, and public leisure pleasure "lakes" and parks everywhere be more expensive, costly, and unequally accessible too?

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