Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dixiefornication Now, Dixiefornication Tomorrow, Dixiefornication Forever?

So, according to recent news reports, the Arizona Secretary of State wants to see Obama's birth certificate ( The stupidity that this statement represents and symbolises, a stupidity that is running rampant through parts of the US these days, is neither the product of stupid genes or stupid causing ingredients in the waters of Arizona or other parts of the US. It is really not even a product of American politics. It is certainly not the product of a belief in empirical facts since Obama's birth certificate has been released. Rather it is the outcome of the increasing dixiefornication of parts of the US outside the South and the dixiefornication of the Republican Party, a party that used to stand for federalism (Lincoln) and progressivism (TR, LaFollette).

So this idiotic statement by the Arizona Secretary of State makes him a latter day version of that "good old boy" Dixiecrat George Wallace, that idiot Southern states rightser, law and order man, and anti-judicial activism activist Democrat who once proclaimed that segregation, the segregation that existed in the South in his day and existed in the South in his past, would last forever. Nothing, in my opinion, has been worse for America than the takeover of the Republican Party by these Dixiecrat RINOs (faux Republicans) and the increasing popularity of its idiocy thanks to demagoguery, elite monies, and human gullibility.

Beam me up.

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